Leeroy Jenkins Famous AKA Leroy Jenkins World of Warcraft Movie Explained

The Plot

A World of Warcraft gamer called Leeroy Jenkins (Note most people think the proper spelling of this guys name has only one e as in Leroy Jenkins, when in fact it is is Leeroy) staged a video intended to provide publicity for his own World of Warcraft guild. Although fans making video clips and short movies has recently become a popular practice, Leeroy Jenkins World of Warcraft movie become a huge hit with thousand of searches for the term "Leeroy Jenkins World of Warcraft Movie" or "Leroy Jenkins Video monthly. Leeroy's popularity is even present in other games, such as Guild Wars, where an NPC named Kilroy Stonekin rushes into battle while yelling his name in a direct reference and in Adventure Quest, where a direct tribute to Leeroy Jenkins is replayed by players, in the Vamprook Spyre.

Leeroy Jenkins WoW Movie Synopsis

An overly enthusiastic WoW World of Warcraft gamer, Leeroy Jenkins goes full force and pisses off the rest of his team. At least he's not chicken.

The movie video clip is 2:51 minutes in length.

It takes place as a WoW World of Warcraft guild come across a tough enemy, the guild starts talking about ways to get past this enemy, when Leeroy Jenkins just goes for it and gets himself and other members of his World of warcraft guild injuried and pissed off. I think everybody knows a Leeroy!!

Leeroy's video is very hilarious and very real world.

Were Can you see the Famous Leeroy Jenkins World of Warcraft Movie

It is available a number of different place through out the net but the easiest and most reliable way to view this video is viewing below:


Leeroy Jenkins or Leroy Jenkins was also an mentioned on the game show Jeopardy.

Here is the clip below:


Fan Comments regarding Leeroy Jenkins World of Warcraft Movie

  • lol, this was hilarious, pals for life guild, they were pretty good at acting this out. I did that before on WoW, i was in a group with some people and i was only like lvl 7, and the group leader was a lvl 60, and we were planning out what we were gonna do, and i was like "LEEEROOOYYYYY JENNNKINNNSSS", and the 60 was like, "i swear, if you...(this is where i started running)...even try that, wtf, you stufu" then i was kicked out, but it was cool, cause i got 5 gold for doing that, it made some people laugh. if you want to add me on WoW, my main is Shikart, horde in angmarr realm, peace ...
  • I wanna give a shout to all those hard core WOW playas, keeping the dream alive. My name is Xandee for all who wanna tag add me im probly in Dun morogh, lvl 13 hunter. And give a shout to my man leeroy funny crap. and to all those peeps who dont play WOW get off your fat ass and buy it, and say good by to your social life.lol. LLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEERRRRRROOOOOOOOY!!!!! ...
  • Funniest f*ckin thing Ive seen in a long time. I laugh my ass off even tho Ive seen it like a hundred times. And that Demarlos guy with his proving the fakeness of it needs to chill. Even if it was staged, still f*ckin hilarious ...