Allakhazam Magical Realm Explained

The term World of Warcraft Allakhazam is the second most searched for phrase related to World of Warcraft. So what is it, and why do gamers flock to this site. Read below to find out.

Allakhazam Magical Realm | Your World of Warcraft Online Community

Allakhazam was originally started as an information site for the game Everquest, now covers all of the major Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games including World of Warcraft. They currently do over 5 million page views a day, World of Warcraft's Allakhazam has over half a million registered users, and reach millions of online World of Warcraft gaming enthusiasts every month. They run on 15 dedicated servers and use up to 50 mb/sec of bandwidth. Players rely upon Allakhazam to give them the most complete and accurate information possible to help them get an edge in their World of Warcraft game play.

World of Warcraft Allakhazam Membership

Allakhazam offers in depth information on a variety of World of Warcraft topics. They offer both a Free and Premium membership. Both membership types have access to the entire site however Premium members get access to a refined search option and have the advertisements turned off. You can be registered or non-registered free user, the only difference is non-registered Allakhazam members cannot post to forums. This is the biggest reason World of Warcraft Allakhazam is so popular - because it is free! (and packed fun of tons of useful information.) The site is super fast, with a simple yet effective design.

What Does Allakhazam Mean

Allakhazam is not an actual word, Al Akhazam however is a term you hear in magic acts. Some words meaning the same thing would be:
abracadabra, ala kazam, bewitchment, black magic, chant, charm, conjuration, conjuring, enchantment, formula, hex, hocus-pocus, hoodoo, hymn, invocation, magic, mumbo-jumbo, necromancy, open sesame, rune, sorcery, voodoo, witchcraft, wizardry

I am guessing the creators of World of Warcraft Allakhazam used the name because they thought it sounded cool. From a search engine point of view, and the fact that nobody can spell now a days I am not sure it is the best domain name. One of the most common misspellings; Alakhazam receives thousands of hits monthly do to World of Warcraft Allakhazam's popularity.


SOE Worlds Magazine has called it "The Unbeatable", describing it as "one of the most thorough and up-to-date site[s] on the internet for World of Warcraft players who are searching for information about quests, in-game items, or NPC's."
-Spring 2005, SOE Worlds Magazine

Baseball Pitcher Curt Schilling has listed as his favorite site for World of Warcraft on the internet.
-ESPN, the Magazine 4/15/02

DMOZ internet guide has sites listed as highly recommended for World of Warcraft.