Map of Azeroth


Map of Azeroth


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  • Herbing
  • TBC Herbing
  • WOTLK Herbing
  • Cata Herbing
  • Mining
  • TBC Mining
  • WOTLK Mining
  • Cata Mining
  • General
  • Midsummer Festival
  • Lunar Festival

Traveling Around World of Warcraft

Modes of travel in World of Warcraft cover everything from a characters own two feet to soaring eagles. Knowing what the best way to get around can save you time and money, and make you a more effective and efficient member of your guild.

Hop, Skip and a Jump

Getting around on foot is safest if you stick to main roads where the chance for random monster attack is greatly reduced. Main roads also have signs at most intersections to point a player in the right direction. However, to chart new areas on the map, a character has to venture off the beaten path towards a nearby landmark. This can be dangerous if they don't know what level of monsters are hiding in the surrounding territory. Be wary!

Getting around town is very easy despite the huge size of the capital cities. Any guard will be able to provide directions to trainers, auction houses, mailboxes, item vendors and other such necessities, and will even place a flag on the mini-map to guide you in the right direction. A small golden arrow will also point towards the goal if they are not in the immediate area.

There are other options for crossing the landscape of course. Druids can take on animal forms that allow them to travel faster. Alchemists can create potions that grant a temporary speed boost, while Mages can cast spells that accomplish the same. Mages and Shaman can also teleport other characters around, which is really handy for raid quests crawling deep into dungeons, which can take upwards of two hours.

Once a character reaches level 40, they can purchase land mounts, which allow them to cover distance a lot faster. Each race has its own native mount. Dwarves ride around on mountain rams, while humans get horses and trolls get raptors. Characters need to learn the riding skill for their respective mount by speaking with a local stable master, which are located in major cities and small towns. At level 60, a character can buy advanced mounts that will get them around even faster.

It is possible to walk to just about any location in world of warcraft, and for the first 15 or 20 levels, most of your questing will be confined to a single province or its neighbor. But given how large the world is, a more expedient method will be desired as your tasks begin to span the continent. One this point is reach having detailed maps of World of Warcraft will be paramount.