World of Warcraft Mods Explained

A Mod or Mods is short for modification. So when looking at what a World of Warcraft mod is, you could say that it would be a third-party addition that alters or enhances some aspect of World of Warcraft's interface. Mods can perform a wide variety of tasks, including adding new buttons to the screen, altering the built-in player and party frames or automating certain aspects of spell casting. In some cases, mods can completely supplement the standard World of Warcraft interface usually offering more advanced functionality.


An few examples of mods for World of Warcraft would be:

  • ModBlah - It provides other people an automated way to find out which enchants you currently have, what those enchants do, and optionally which reagents are required for a particular recipe.
  • CleanShot - CleanShot is an addon that lets you take a clean screenshot. It removes as many user interface features as possible so that only the bare scene is left.
  • Benecast - Benecast provides a row of healing and buff icons for yourself, party members and other friendly targets to facilitate casting buffs and heals. You can set it up to cast lower-level heals based on the amount of HP that needs to be restored for a given target. This can save a considerable amount of valuable mana since it reduces the number of "overheals" that are made. You can also configure which buffs to display as well as specifying "overheal" settings, etc. An absolutely vital tool for healers.

There are also various cosmetic mods, including one that reproduces the infamous 'Leeroy Jenkins' sound.

Best Place To Find World of Warcraft Mods

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