World of Warcraft Videos Reviewed

Gold Addon

I have linked to some of the best fan made World of Warcraft Videos below.

If you are interested in making your own World of Warcraft video here are the basic steps:

  1. The first thing you need is some software to record yourself playing World of Warcraft. This is called video capture software, both and offer lite/shareware versions of their video capture software that will work great for this purpose.
  2. Next you need something to edit the recording you made with your video capture software. It you are using Windows XP the built in Windows Movie Maker software will be fine.
  3. Now with a little creatively, some time and a lot of free hard disk space you can make your very own World of Warcraft Video and maybe even become the next Leeroy (Leroy) Jenkins.
  4. Visit Google video or Youtube and upload your masterpiece.


Ok here are some great World of Warcraft Videos to get you inspired:


World of Warcraft Video Pick #1

This one is just over 11 minutes but well worth the time spend watching it, great ending.


World of Warcraft Video Pick #2

This one is perfectly choreographed to the song Numa Numa, a must watch.


World of Warcraft Video Pick #3

This one is about beer. What more needs to be said. Very funny.


Have you made some better videos? send us a link so we can put them up on this page.